Life of the north is tough

I parked my car and heard blowing air

Why is this happening?

Life is one of the greatest things we could ever have. You discover about yourself and figure out who you are in this world.

The north is a little different when life gives you lemons.

As I’m writing this, I am in the middle of nowhere. Waiting for my tire to fully pump with air because I hit a nail and left a puncture.

Nemaska to Mistissini is about four hours.

I wanted to get fresh air but then I heard this fast blowing air coming from somewhere. I put my ear closer to the tire and figured out that I needed to do something about it.

I decided to drive until the tire deflates, like who does that right?

Finally, I parked my car and pulled the emergency brake so my car doesn’t move. I’m a little tired from all the driving. I have to change this tire.

I have no cell network. I’m two hours away from the closest town. I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere.

I looked through my cabinet in my car to find any tire patch kit. Just what I was looking for, some gum, tire glue and the equipment to fix this darn tire.

I change the tire and pumping air. It’s taking about 40 minutes to hit 30 psi from no air.

A guy with his girlfriend stopped and asked,

“Est-ce que tout va bien?” 

“Oui, j’ai un petit trou dans mon pneu.”

“On te suivre.”

“Merci monsieur.”

Job done.

Let’s get to Mistissini.

Author: Nick Wapachee

A modern Cree who enjoys the city and the nature of things.

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