Radio Host

I’m a radio host now!

James Bay Cree Communication Society gives me a new gig.

This has been a dream since I was a kid and now I’m finally working here.

I’m so excited to be working as a radio host with one of the biggest station networks in the Cree Nation.

You can listen to me here on-air from Monday to Friday at 3 pm. (Only this week)

Here are some of the points that I live by when working at a radio station:

Stay current

Always follow the news. Stay connected to what’s happening to the world right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s local news, throw in the national news and international news.

Don’t be afraid to understand some of the news platforms we have out there. Have the ability to learn the language with some of the topics. Say for an example: Politics.

Office space


Practice makes perfect (kind of)

Focus on learning how to articulate some words. Be alive when you’re speaking on-air. Avoid having a monotone voice.

Another quick tip that’s really useful is to give yourself some time to practice before the actual show.


Pretend like your interviewing someone just to give you an idea of where you want to take your topic. This doesn’t mean that it will go according to plan.

Be open to things that don’t go your way.

Be real

The most interesting thing that someone can do when they’re working at a radio station is having the ability to talk in simple form.

“Hey, I hope you’re enjoying your day, I’m your host…”

That simple line caught my attention when I heard someone say those words because they made me feel like I was part of the show.

How I speak to you in person is how I will speak to you on-air.


The most important part of your show is the selection of your music.

Don’t jump from one genre to another.

I always pick songs that are most popular.

I usually download 10 new songs for each show of the week. That’s 50 songs in total.

At the end of the week, I download 25 new songs and add them to the playlists.

Then I keep the new songs coming in and the old songs coming out.

It’s all about the rotation.

Click the link to find the Top 100


This doesn’t mean that I am not open to any other ideas but this is pretty basic and it works for me.

I’m excited to be part of this family and work with a team.



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