Lessons learned in 2016

I like learning new things. I can take up a challenge and look through the accomplishments. I want to look at failures as lessons learned, I’ve stumbled a couple of times but as long as I’m learning.

2016 was interesting. I met a lot of new people. I enjoyed my time exploring the possibilities and adventures with random strangers. It took me out of my comfort zone, that’s for sure. I know there is a lot more coming this coming year.

Money always seems to be an issue for some young adults. It’s hard to manage and hustle at the same time. “I feel like I’m definitely in the lion’s den,” said Eric Bell, who is 20 something in his discussion of money issues.

Well then… Money is an issue. We learn to hustle in the city and work hard for our success. This is something that works but sometimes it’s harder for some. We should stick to what we plan and finish it. We don’t want to live in regret and live wondering what could have been if we pushed a little harder. If you still have a chance, do it. Try even harder.

I’m one of the excessive spenders who enjoys the luxury of living the lifestyle of a millionaire. I’m not there yet but I’ve been playing pretend for quite sometime but need to face my realities. At least for now.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, our debt will accumulate to the point where were paying it off until we retire. Is that the kind of life we want? That doesn’t sound interesting to me. So what are we going to do about it? Work harder and hustle harder.

Lessons? I know someone who’s named “Lessons,” because she can’t stop talking. Ok, back to the subject: Don’t spend more than what you need. If you are schedule to be outside Canada, be there but don’t stay any longer because you’ll end up spending more. Right Nick? Yes. You’re right. Follow

Relationships are so important. You need the continue building them. Nobody wants to be alone, so this is why we need to talk to people. A simple, “Hello,” will definitely create a huge impact in your life and to others.

Isolation will not do any good for you. It’s one of the reasons why people become depressed but some people like being alone. Which I think is fine but no one is ever alone. Just think about it, you have your family, friends, acquaintances and business partners. Everyone plays a huge part in your life and they charge you up every single time.

Isolation doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Maybe we like being alone and enjoying our company. That’s OK. It’s not a bad thing but there is always someone in your life that fulfills you and encourages you. My point is that relationships will always be there and we need them in our daily lives. If you have a good friend, make sure you keep them. If you have people tearing you down, you don’t have to be friends with them.

We’re our worst enemy and our worst critic, I’m sure there are things where we wish we did differently. I’m sure some of us went through something and we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves for doing that stupid thing. I know, it’s annoying, isn’t it?

You probably have a friend who did something to you and it’s easy for you to forgive them but when it comes to something you did that probably caused you shame or regret, for some reason, we can’t seem to forgive ourselves. Why???

Stop criticizing yourself. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy life. You are not meant to be perfect. Ugh it’s so hard to be perfect and it’s damn right exhausting. Anyway, we can never accomplish perfection, deary. I want to say that I – kind of – stopped saying mean things about myself.

Although, I do make fun of my weight gain, it shouldn’t matter to me. Why does that even matter? It doesn’t define who I am as a person. Why should it be such a huge thing in my life that I gained weight? So what? I should simply enjoy life and all the food that Toronto has to offer. That doesn’t mean I should live recklessly, I’m just saying.

I didn’t accomplish some goals this year. It’s so hard to maintain goals. It’s never easy, especially when you have excuses that leave you side-tracked. I think it’s best that we continue to work hard and learn from our mistakes, let those become lessons. I hate lessons but it’s part of life.

Where is 2017 going for me? Well, it definitely looks brighter. I’ve fought some battles and won some, I’ve been knocked me down but the only way is up, so I need to stand up and bring my game face.

2017, you’re mine.


Ps. I’m going to Miami next month. 

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