Second year of uni is over!

I can’t believe it myself. I’ve been in university for two years and it’s been a rollercoaster. There were days where it was hard and some days were ok. I’m sure someone who just graduated felt the same way. On the bright side, I’m half way done towards my degree.

There comes a point in life where you’re occupied with life and all you do is go on survival mode. You still got to work hard so you’re in between deciding where you want to put your time because you realize that some things are important for you.

Sometimes, I wish I was superhuman, that way I can do everything that I want to do without hesitation. There are a couple of things where I had to set aside for now. It’s not that I want to put them on hold but the circumstances are sometimes to great for someone to bear. Hence, why I want to be superhuman.

On the bright side, I was able to have time to do a lot of things, I went to Miami while I was in school. I was able to set a couple of dates where I can just chill in Miami. Can I just say that clubbing in Miami is a whoooooole different scene. More like me scene. People are modest but can be sexy if they wish to be. That’s my kind of clubbing. (I just want to laugh at this paragraph right here but let’s move on shall we? Let’s not stay in the past)

I was able to travel to Quebec for some work, this was all on the side and it was fun. I was a master of ceremonies for several events. I had a great time especially the new people I met during this travel. I have a bad habit of not taking pictures, I wish I could show you but for now I’ll show you in words, I flew from Toronto to Montreal, Ottawa and northern Quebec on a jet plane. I’m glad I was able to show you. Good times.

What I expect in my third year? I hope I get in to my fourth and graduate.



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